SSAC Relays, TRS Series
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SSAC Relays, TRS Series
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Relays, TRS Series
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Time Delay Relay

TRS Series Information

  • Knob Adjustable Time Delays
  • Fixed or Adjustable 0.05‑600s in 15 Ranges
  • Analog Circuitry
  • ±2% Repeat Accuracy
  • AC & DC Operating Voltages are Available
The TRS Series combines an isolated, 10A electromechanical, relay output with analog timing circuitry. False trigger of the TRS by a transient is unlikely because of the complete isolation of the circuit from the line prior to initiation. The initiate contact is common to one side of the line and may be utilized to operate other loads. Installation is easy due to the TRS's industry standard 8 or 11‑pin plug‑in base wiring.

Operation (Single Shot): Input voltage must be applied to the input before and during timing. Upon momentary or maintained closure of the initiate switch (leading edge triggered), the output energizes for a measured interval of time. At the end of the delay, the output de‑energizes. Opening or reclosing the initiate switch during timing has no affect on the time delay. Applying input voltage with the initiate switch closed will energize the load and begin the time delay. Reset: Reset occurs when the time delay is complete and the initiate switch is opened. Loss of input voltage resets the time delay and output.

  • Isolated, 10A, SPDT & DPDT Output Contacts


Manufacturer Part NumberTRS230A7Y60
Item NumberTRS230A7Y60
Product SeriesTRS
Family SeriesSSAC Relays, TRS Series
Mode of OperationOne-Shot
Mounting TypeSocket
Time Range AdjustmentRemote
Timing Range1
Max Time60 s
Time Tolerance10 %
Time Range (Seconds)0-2, 0-3, 0-5, 0-10, 0-15, 0-30, 0-60
Time Range (Minutes)0-1
Coil Voltage230 VAC
Nominal Coil Voltage240 VAC
Contact Rating (A)10 A
Termination11 Pin
ApprovalsCE, CSA, UL
Net Weight0.375 lbs
Gross Weight0 lbs
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