Galco’s CNC retrofit services will outfit your obsolete machine, mill or lathe with the latest from FANUC’s CNC catalog, including the Series 0i-MODEL F.

The FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F is the newest generation in the highly popular Series 0i and integrates many features found on the Series 30i-MODEL B. The Series 0i-F brings faster, more accurate performance to a wide range of milling, turning, punching and grinding applications with more standard features, more advanced capabilities and faster communications than ever before. The Series 0i control is the industry’s most reliable system with a Mean Time Between Failure rate of 52 years.

The Series 0i-MODEL F offers more axes, ladders and paths, as well as high-speed auxiliary machine functions and an expanded list of standard features. Additional features available on the Series 0i-MODEL F include 15″ display, QWERTY keyboard, I/O Link i, high-speed rigid tapping, function for loader control, tolerance control, axis name expansion, program folder management, quick program restart, flexible path axis assignment, multi-path PMC function, ladder dividing management, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET.

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  • Support for up to 11 servo axes, 4 simultaneous interpolated axes, 4 spindles and 3 independent PMC machine ladders as well as multiple part-program paths and high-speed auxiliary machine functions
  • Available with 8.4”, 10.4”, or 15” display and QWERTY or ONG keyboard
  • The optional FANUC Data Server offers high-response Ethernet, up to 16 GB part program storage and large transfer buffers for Direct Numerical Control (DNC)
  • Operator-friendly set-up guidance with FANUC’s powerful and intuitive conversational programming or the industry standard G-code programming for fast and easy job changeovers
  • Teach-and-playback mode makes use of electronic hand wheels and intuitive
  • Available web-based software applications for monitoring machine and job status with a smartphone or tablet
Additional Features
  • A suite of advanced motion control software functions to reduce cycle times while enhancing part accuracy and extending machine life
  • High-Response Vector control that provides greater precision and allows for higher machining speeds
  • Bell-shaped acc/dec minimizes machine shock and reduces accel/decel time
  • AI Contour Control that uses advanced look-ahead algorithms to determine the optimal feedrate and acceleration
  • Tool retract and recover simplifies tool inspection and replacement while machining
  • Path synchronization that can make one path wait for the other path to complete an operation before proceeding
  • Twin Table Control adds flexibility for twin-table machining centers and routers