42509/DV26 Series Image
The 42509/DV26KIT Includes the Following Parts:
  • Tip Fits Into Outlets or Against Wire Insulation Testing
  • Flashing Red LED Indicator Light with Audible Beeper Indicated Presence of Live Wires
  • Built-In Bright Flashlight with On/Off Button
Rugged CAT IV rated non-contact Voltage (NCV) Detector displays a Green LED light when it is powered on and ready for use. When flashing Red LED with audible beeper sounds, this indicates the presence of live wires. The convenient built-in bright flashlight allows for viewing in dimly lit areas.
The 42509 is a Dual Laser IR Thermometer with Color Alert. Meter has dual lasers for quick accuracy in target area and programmable High/Low alarms. Measures up to 950F (510C). Automatic blue backlit dual LCD display. Adjustable emissivity increases measurement accuracy for different surfaces. Complete with case and 9 Volt battery.
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