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OPTANIUM Series Image
Philips Advance Optanium high-efficiency electronic ballasts are engineered to optimize lighting performance and maximize energy savings. These ballasts provide an unparalleled package of features and benefits to support the wide variety of fluorescent lamps out in the market place.
Optanium ballasts will help to meet a variety of application challenges including design, installation, maintenance, and evolving lamp technology. Optanium ballasts are available in a standard light output, high light output, and a low-watt design with input voltages of 120 to 277 or 347. Also these ballasts have a cold-starting capability down to -0°F (with standard lamps) These two features combined make it ideal for just about any T8 fixture design and application. These ballasts are available in either instant start or programmed start ignition for extended lamp life in frequent switching applications such as those where occupancy sensors or motion detectors are being used.
As a charter product in the NEMA Premium Ballast Program, Optanium ballasts are recognized as supporting energy-efficient lighting objectives. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has created this program to help lighting professionals and end users recognize the market's highest-performing ballast products.
AMBISTAR Series Image
Today's fluorescent fixtures offer greater flexibility and energy savings for residential and hospitality settings than ever before, thanks to Philips Advance AmbiStar™ electronic ballasts. No matter what type of fluorescent lighting you're considering, these ballasts help create warm, inviting interiors while providing Class B FCC EMI Rating - a requirement for the EPA ENERGY STAR® residential lighting fixtures - at a very competitive price.
AmbiStar fixed and dimming fluorescent ballasts feature sleek, compact designs to fit in today's stylish fixtures. AmbiStar ballasts deliver quiet, flicker-free performance, which makes them perfect for any residential or hospitality setting. Fluorescent lighting isn't just for garages and basements anymore.
AmbiStar dimming ballasts are designed to work with most incandescent dimmers, and are easy to install with new or existing dimming systems.
CENTIUM Series Image
Reliable and robust, this broad line of Centium high frequency electronic ballasts for T5, T5HO, T8 and T12 fluorescent lamps offers all of the necessary commercial grade specifications plus the added benefits of lamp striation reduction technology making these ballasts compatible with all energy saving T8 lamps. This provides a more sustainable lighting solution over standard T8 or T12 fixtures.
Centium ballasts are an optimal choice for a broad range of new construction and retrofit applications within the commercial sector including general office lighting, conference, meeting, and board room applications, indirect and decorative lighting, and new fixture designs requiring smaller ballasts.
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has created this program to help lighting professionals and end users recognize the market's highest-performing ballast products. A selection of Centium ballasts meet these requirements.
MARK 10 POWERLINE Series Image
Mark 10 Powerline electronic ballasts provide an easy solution to making fixed-output linear fluorescent systems more cost-effective and sustainable without the need for additional control leads.
Installation is as easy as replacing the ballast, and adding a dimming control connects to your existing wiring.
Mark 10 Powerline ballasts bring the convenience and flexibility of fluorescent dimming to conference rooms, private offices, auditoriums, architectural cove lighting - anywhere dimming is required but control leads are not already installed.
Conveniently-packaged these Ballast Kits come complete with a Mark 10 Powerline ballast (available for a wide variety of popular T8 and T5/HO linear fluorescent lamp wattages as well as T4 and T5 compact fluorescent lamp wattages), a mounting plate adaptor, lead wire, and a wire extraction tool for the ultimate in ease and versatility.
MARK 7 0-10V Series Image
The Mark 7 0-10V series of dimmable electronic ballasts incorporates separate control leads for use with a wide array of controllers, including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting controls, and building management systems from more than 30 manufacturers. When paired with energy-efficient linear T8, 4-pin CFL, or T5/HO lamps, Mark 7 0-10V ballasts optimize the benefits of such popular sustainable lighting techniques as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and load shedding to drive maximum energy cost savings and reduce environmental impact.
These ballasts are ideal for such applications as conference rooms, auditoriums, educational facilities, hotels, restaurants, and department stores as well as other new construction or retrofit installations. In addition, the 0-10V DC operation of the ballast reduces the number of controls required and allows for a single control to operate across branch circuits.
SIGNPRO Series Image
SignPRO magnetic ballasts for T12/HO rapid start fluorescent lamps deliver the combined benefits of efficient operation, long ballast life, and outstanding reliability. Built to perform under all weather conditions, SignPRO magnetic ballasts offers sign suppliers, manufacturers, and installers a broad range of dependable lighting solutions.
With a mere 3 ballasts covering over 200 different fluorescent lamp combinations, Philips Advance signPRO electronic ballasts for T12/HO Rapid Start Fluorescent Lamps offer a convenient, reliable, and energy-saving alternative to conventional magnetic ballasts. Delivering energy savings of up to 20% when compared to magnetic ballasts, these ballasts run a total of 1-6 lamps and operate 4-48 feet of total lamp footage.
SignPRO is ideal for such applications as backlit signs, channel letters, and building fascias, as well as other applications requiring T12/HO Rapid Start Fluorescent Lamps.
The Department of Energy (DOE) Ballast Ruling that became effective in 2005, prevents the manufacture of magnetic replacement ballasts sold through electrical distribution after July 1, 2010. Philips Advance ballasts offer a full line of electronic options that exceed the DOE performance requirements for T12 ballasts. Reliable and energy-efficient, they offer proven performance and fast payback of investment based on the up to 30% energy savings they drive relative to their standard magnetic counterparts.
Whether your application need is a T12 four-foot, slimline, or high output lamps, Philips Advance T12 electronic ballasts are ideal for a broad range of retrofit applications that use either energy saving or standard lamps.
By designing T12 electronic ballasts with the very same mounting and wiring configurations as existing T12 magnetic models, Philips Advance ballasts make converting from magnetic to an electronic fixture effortless.
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